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Professional / Personal Development

logo-fb-banner-300x300The tools that make performers successful are the same tools that will make you successful in the professional world! It’s no coincidence that performers can usually land a job outside of the entertainment industry. Hall Talent develops the talent within each person. We teach our clients how to communicate and how to sell themselves. Hall Talent trains each client to get the role he or she wants: entering a business in the media market, admission into college, a successful presentation to the board, a charismatic expert witness, a polite teen!

We offer one-on-one consultations for resume writing and interview skills. We offer Prescription Style, (a kinder gentler version of What Not To Wear) where we help you feel great about yourself on the inside and the outside.

We offer Professional Development seminars and workshops. We also offer Best Foot Forward: Modern Manners for Teens and Tweens.  A workshop for adolescents that helps young people navigate the world away from electronics and mobile devices.

We also offer media training. We make sure your business projects the image you want. In addition we provide production services including TV, Radio, print, and Internet.

Media Training

we help you prepare for the camera, radio, or press conference! We work with a stylist, public speaking coach, and PR expert. Call today for an appointment

Presentation Coaching

a one on one session where we review your materials and evaluate your interview skills. We then work on the areas that need work. 30.00 Initial 30 minute consultation

Prescription Style

Like What not to Wear but kinder and gentler. We work with a stylist, hair and make up artist , and wardrobe specialist for that special occasion or for a new look. We then prepare a prescription. We can help you “fill” it or recommend you to some of our prized contacts. 200.00 for one hour consultation and a one hour follow up. Once you purchase we will contact you for an appointment.

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